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Tree Service for Storm Damaged Trees

tree damageWith a March snow storm upon us, once the storm is over and the sun is out, you will want to go outside and check for damage to your property and your trees. Trees can suffer severe damage and stress from snow, ice, and wind storms.

Take a walk around your yard and start inspecting those trees for damage. First look down around the ground. Make sure there aren’t any power lines that are lying on the ground. If so, DO NOT go near it! Call your utility company immediately! Next, look up at your trees. Check to see if there are power lines that are hanging in the tree or if a branch is lying on a power line. If so, again, DO NOT attempt to remove the branch yourself. Call your utility company! If you see that your tree is split or if there are any large limbs that are broken and resting on another part of the tree, you might want to consider calling a tree care specialist to remove the tree or limb.

An expert tree service company in Maryland, is a tree specialist who can let you know if a tree that has suffered bark damage can be saved or not. The age of the tree, was it a healthy tree prior to the storm, does it bring value to your property, or is it a tree that you just can’t depart with? These are things that you need to consider before taking the tree down. The tree expert will carefully inspect your tree and save the tree if at all possible. If the tree is likely to suffer more damage or become a hazard after the next storm, he may recommend having the tree removed. If the tree needs to be cut down then it’s advisable to do it right away to prevent diseases and pest infestation that could affect nearby vegetation. You will also be held responsible if the damaged tree or limb falls and hurts someone or destroys your neighbor’s property.

After the decision has been made that the tree will survive it’s time to repair the damage. Smaller broken branches and limbs just need to be pruned and thinned out to restore the tree to its natural beauty and shape. Save the wood to burn or take it to your local recycling center. Check with them first to see if they take yard debris and what the requirements are. If the tree has torn branches or bark then this will have to be repaired before diseases and pest infestations take over. Smoothing out the rough edges of torn bark will help the prevent insects from making a new home in there. A healthy tree that has suffered only minor damage will most likely recover and repair itself.

If you have any questions or doubts about the severity of damage it is recommended that you contact a reputable tree care specialist. Also, if you are looking to see if a company is properly licensed in Maryland, you can go here to find out.


Tree service company in Howard and Carroll Counties

This is just a quick note about a great little company that does tree removal in Ellicott City.  Do you remember the small town type of businesses from years ago that would know you by name and that the owner was there every day and you really felt good about the service or product you were getting?  Well I got to know Dave Stabler who is the owner of Stabler Tree and Crane Service, in a kind of roundabout way I suppose, and his business is just that.

tree-serviceA client of mine Greg, had gotten an estimate from Dave who was doing some tree work across the street from him, and I think he said it was about $200 higher than the first tree company, but when Dave pulled out his certificate of insurance and license, that was all it took for him to sign up with Stabler.  The first tree service company Greg called did not seem to have any of the licenses or insurance, and the savings of $200 was just not worth the risk of damage to his house or property.

Anyway, Stabler has been around since the 1980’s and Dave’s sons are involved with the company and I presume will take it over, but all of them are very nice and courteous. I stopped by their shop one day last spring off of Frederick Road near Mt. Airy (I think he said they provide tree service in Howard and Carroll county, and they are apparently right on the county line) to get some firewood as I was almost out for the season and only needed a pickup load full, and I got to talking with Dave and actually spent about an hour or so there just shooting the breeze. He just seems like a terrific guy and was telling me about some of his customers who he has had for 20 or 30 years. Anyway, here is a link to his website and I would highly recommend him if you need any type of tree work or pruning, etc. The guy knows a lot about trees and even if you just had a question about trees, call him as he seems more than accommodating.  I also found a good site that has tree info for Maryland here too that has some useful information on it.


Great landscaping companies in Baltimore

We have some great tips from some landscaping companies in Baltimore that might apply to your own yard or property. This first article is what to do if you have a steep or large hillside on your property which can pose a challenge for most.  It may seem like unusable space. Mowing can be difficult or impossible.  You may experience water runoff or erosion issues.   However, that hillside actually provides you with the opportunity to create a unique feature in your landscape.  Many options are available to tame that slope and create something beautiful at the same time.  For a small slope, miniature terraces called baffles can be used.  Landscape edging, timbers, or a stone product can be set horizontally into the slope.  This will slow water runoff, allow mulch to stay in place instead of washing away, and create layers to add plants, flowers, or groundcovers to highlight your landscape.

A larger or steeper slope provides the opportunity to create other features.  A retaining wall can be built giving an architectural accent to your landscape.  Many different materials are available based on your budget and the look you want to create.  The retaining wall, you can see one here http://www.beechtreelandscape.com can also provide an enclosed, private area for a patio, or it can surround your driveway.  Plants can be used to soften the look of the retaining wall as well.

A sloping landscape provides the opportunity for a unique and dramatic water feature and many homes in Cockeysville, Hunt Valley and in the county have more space to accommodate them.  A shallow slope allows you to create a gently flowing stream with small waterfalls accenting the feature.  The peaceful sounds of the trickling water provide a serene setting for you and attract beautiful wildlife to your yard.  On a steeper slope, you can create a dramatic waterfall feature.  You will need an electrical source to run the water pump.  The waterfall can be surrounded by natural stones and plants to complete the setting.  The waterfall can be incorporated with other features to create drama.

retaining wall

Terraces are an option if a single retaining wall does not suffice.  Terraces are multiple layers of low walls with level areas in between.  The terraces can be planted with a wide variety of plants and trees that provide year round color to your landscape.  Depending on the slope and size of the hill, you can use the terraces to create intimate seating and garden viewing areas.  Imagine sitting on an upper terrace and looking down over the gorgeous landscape you have created!  Many features can be incorporated into the terraces to provide interest.  Consider using a terrace as a small patio or adding a gazebo to one of the levels.  You can combine the terraces with a waterfall and a viewing area.  The possibilities are endless.

Another option for a hillside which there are a lot of in Baltimore County, is to turn the entire slope into a low-maintenance garden bed.  Trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers can be combined to create a gorgeous, colorful display that also prevents erosion.  Using native and low-maintenance plants will allow you to have a beautiful landscape that requires little work.

Steps can transform an unusable space into something easy and inviting.  Large natural stones that guide you from the lower area to the upper area are both beautiful and functional.  The steps can be included with terraces or retaining walls to allow you to explore the different levels and areas that have been created.

The possibilities for landscaping a hillside are limited only by your imagination.  The professional design team at Beechtree Landscape and Design can evaluate the slope you wish to redesign whether it’s in Baltimore County, or the city, Timonium, Towson or any of the suburbs in Maryland.  Their experienced landscape designers can help you to envision your new space and determine what features will work on your property.  They can help you with every step from creating a design plan to bringing those designs to life.  Their landscape team can create your vision from top to bottom, including all plantings and hardscape designs.  A professional design team will help you with every detail so that your landscape vision is achieved to perfection.


Baltimore Maryland and Virginia Businesses

Here are some of the businesses in the Baltimore and metro Washington DC area.